The global business landscape continues to expand, as do the risks associated with moving goods through global supply chain.  Risk is unavoidable.  Identifying vulnerabilities, and managing the associated risks are critical components of a modern well run supply chain.  

At Johnlon, we offer a wide variety of security and insurance products that help to minimize your organizations exposure to damage, theft, IP Breaches, & loss.  From specially designed procedures, packaging, warehousing, and tracking devices used to protect the most valuable of products, to all risk international transportation insurance, warehouse insurance, and domestic transportation insurance.  Johnlon looks to mitigate your exposure, and indemnify you through insurance programs in the event a loss does occur.

Legal Liability coverage typically pays only a small fraction of the cargo value.  Ocean cargo liability is a mere $500.00 per customary unit (this often means $500 for the contents of an ocean container), 22 SDR per kilo, and only $0.50 per pound for United States domestic cargo.

Our insurance product allows for single shipment coverage (limited shipments), multiple shipment coverage (occasional shipper), and annual policies (frequent shippers).

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Protect your business with deeper visibility.

Gain confidence and control with our supply chain security services to protect your shipments and your customer experience¡ªalleviating uncertainty at every turn.

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  • Rest assured with 24/7 monitoring and onsite security at every Johnlon facility
  • Monitor your international shipments in real time with our live command center
  • Mitigate risks with active security intelligence reporting from origin to destination
  • Go deeper with real-time updates on freight temperature, movement, and position